ChibiOS on PIC32MZ

We are thrilled to announce that we have successfully completed the port of Microchip PIC32MZ (MIPS32r2 architecture) to ChibiOS!

This project marks a significant advancement in the high-quality embedded solutions we offer.

What We Did
Our expert team has worked diligently to bring support for the PIC32MZ microcontroller to ChibiOS, ensuring optimal compatibility and performance. This allows developers to harness the advanced capabilities of PIC32MZ with the versatility and efficiency of ChibiOS.

Benefits and Results
Thanks to this port, our clients can now develop even more powerful and performant embedded applications, reducing development time and improving system stability.

The initial feedback has been extremely positive (3 695 960 ctxswc/S), and we are excited about the potential this project unlocks for everyone.